Web Site Links

This statement is only applicable to the website under http://www.dustongsd.org.uk posted by the Duston German Shepherd Dog Training Club (referred to as "the Club").

  1. When linking to the Club's website (including listing the URL of the Club's website in a printed publication such as a magazine or a book), you are requested to contact the Club. Note that a lack of response from the Club does not indicate approval of the request to link to the website.
  2. You are requested to contact the webmaster (see Contacts page) should the website where the link to the Club's website appears undergoes major change(s).
  3. Links to the Club's website should point to the top page's URL (http://www.dustongsd.org.uk).
  4. When linking to the Club's website, you are requested to specify the name of the Club as an owner of linked page in the form "Duston GSD Training Club"
  5. Linking to the Club's website is not permitted if any of the following is the case, or is suspected of being the case:-
  • If the website linking to the Club's website libels or defames the Club, its officers, its committee or its members.
  • If the website linking to the Club's website is deleterious to public order and morals, or could otherwise harm the trustworthiness or dignity of the Club.
  • If the format of the link makes it unclear that the material it references comes from the Club's website, such as links whose targets appear within a frame on your website.
  • If the link is presented in a manner that could create the mistaken impression of a collaborative or cooperative relationship between you and the Club, or the mistaken impression that the Club certifies or supports your website on which the link appears.
  • If the link is judged by the Club to be inappropriate for any other reason.
  • With regard to links to the Club's website to which any of the items listed in 4-5. above apply, the Club may request deletion of the link even if authorisation has been granted previously. The Club makes no representation and warranty, either express or implied, regarding the content of websites linked to from the Club's website. In addition, the Club does not intend to imply any special relationship between the Club and other parties operating websites linked to or from the Club's website, nor to imply that the Club endorses or recommends the products or services of those third parties.
  • It is up to you to check the usage conditions, privacy policy, etc., of websites linked to from the Club's website before accessing such websites. The Club has not reviewed any or all of the sites linked to this site and is not responsible for any sites linked to this site. Your linking to any sites from this site is at your own risk. Neither the Club, any of its committee or members are responsible for any financial losses incurred from any transactions or purchases that take place as a result of viewing a website via a link from the Club's website.

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