In Memoriam

Remembering those former dogs of the DGSDTC who are no longer with us

Sadie Sadie  4th January 2004 - 22nd May 2015
Forest   2nd November 2002 - 23rd March 2012 (owned by Julie & Brian Murphy)

Forest - you certainly lived up to your name - run Forest run!! You were always full of energy. Sleep tight our big boy. Now reunited with Ellie. Miss and love you loads, mum & dad xxx

Ellie   15th November 1999 - 29th March 2011 (owned by Julie Murphy)

My first German Shepherd, she was such a good girlie and i miss her so much. She was in the Pacesetters Dog Display Team doing obediance for a while and was also a PAT dog for many years. Good night Ellie Belle, love you!

Kara   16th March 1996 - 19th July 2008 (owned by Kayleigh Petrusevicius)

My Beloved Kara Bear, You taught me so much and made me so happy, My Bestest friend and always will be,You are my first companion and I will never ever forget you,Your beauty, your bark, your joyful wag, your perfect eyes with stunning stare.Always eager and willing to please, amazing agility but more fun to frolic and run!I love you Kara and always will, than you for making my life so full.Sleep tight my beautiful bear. I'm so lost without you.

Leah   26th May 1994 7th December 2007 (owned by Jane & John McGovern)

Leah was my first dog and how great a German Shepherd, she was a very pretty and much loved dog, who will always be missed but never forgotton. Thankyou Leah for everything you made me so very happy x

Amber - Guineswen Nordika   13th October 1997 - 19th July 2007 (owned by Natasha Sheppard)

Amber lived for life, she was a real lady who loved everyone and touched everyone's heart who she came into contact with. A real fun character, who is so sadly missed by Howard and all my family.She will remain in our thoughts forever. God rest in peace darling, all happy memories and no more suffering, you knew it was time, you let me know, you went so peacefully. Your spirit is safely in heaven now, where you wanted to be.All my love Mummy xx

Oban   1999 2007 (owned by Diana Assheton-Bowtle)

A true ambassador for the GSD who gave a lot of pleasure to a lot of people. Working dog, team dog, P.A.T. dog. Above all a friend.

Turbo   12th June 1997 - 6th June 2006 (owned by Anne & Colin Tarry)

Died suddenly of kidney failure just short of his 9th birthday. Turbo was a big friendly teddy bear who made friends with everyone he met. He has left a big gap in our lives and he will be very sadly missed.

Zoe   7th February 1995 - 16th December 2005 (owned by Sylvia Wickenden)

My first german shepherd, a loving and loyal friend to my whole family. She came to us as a puppy and was cared for and loved as part of the family. She had her own little personality and there were testing times, but I would not have swapped her for the world and now very sadly missed by us all.

Smokie   1994 - 2005 (owned by Di & Charles Assheton-Bowtle )

Born a hooligan, died a hooligan, but always a character

Max   26 March 1996 - 13 December 2004 (owned by Carol & Bob Pasfield)

Max lived life in the fast lane, enjoying his time with the Pacesetters Display Team until retiring in 2001 due to arthritis in his back leg. A loving, loyal family member that we all miss dearly.

Jake   1995 - 2003 (owned by Isobel & John Swannell)


Lady   Jan 1986 - 11 Mar 1999 (owned by Vic Coster)
Conan   1986 - 19 Aug 1998 (owned by Anne & Colin Tarry)
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