Training Your German Shepherd Dog

We hold an 8-week introductory class, handlers have to complete the course to become Club members and to be accepted into a higher class. During this 8 weeks it helps us to get to know you and you us. Everyone is nervous and probably feels embarrassed the first time we take our dogs onto the floor, but by the end of the 8 weeks you will be able to handle your dog with confidence and be able to move into the next class.

At the end of your 8 weeks, your puppy or dog will be: sitting, loose lead walking, start of sit stays, down stays, basic retrieve and a recall (we hope), but remember - every dog is an individual and over the weeks you will learn a lot about your dog's ability to learn.

The club also owns a field where only fully paid up club members can exercise their dogs.

Many of our members come along initially with their dog wanting no more than a dog who will walk alongside them when out, without pulling and always tugging at the lead, and to return when called. We have all admired the well-behaved dog in the street, walking nicely by the handler's side. This does take a lot of hard work and patience.

For those members who want to take their dog's obedience skills to a higher level, then there is the possibility to join the Pacesetters Display Team

Our training times can be found here.

Puppy being trained Training in progress Training in progress
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