Duston German Shepherd Dog Training Club and Pacesetters Display Team

Welcome to the Duston German Shepherd Dog Training Club and Pacesetters Dog Display Team Website

The Duston German Shepherd Dog Training Club (DGSDTC) was formed in 1984. The Club is open to all owners of pedigree German Shepherd Dogs, although we do accept GSDs without pedigree papers e.g. dogs that have been re-homed, rescued etc. Please see our membership page for details of joining the Club and the German Shepherd Training page for training information.

We have qualified and experienced instructors who will do their best to help you and your dog. Our aim is to train you to train your dog to be obedient; the level of obedience is entirely up to you. See the training page to find out more details or see our Contacts page to speak to a Club representative.

In addition to German Shepherd training, the Club also has a dog display team called the Pacesetters. This dog display team is made up of Club members, who, once their German Shepherd is trained to an advanced standard, wish to show off to the public the full potential of what the German Shepherd Dog is capable of. More details about the Pacesetters Dog Display Team can be found on the Pacesetters page.